Candy Bar Bouquets For Him

Candy Bar Bouquets For The Man In Your Life

Have you ever wondered how you can make candy bar bouquets look more masculine? There are a few simple guidlines to pulling this off successfully. Point one is the candy types. If you want your candy bouquets to be more fitting for a man, don’t pick musk candies! Choose candies that don’t have a floral aroma or taste. Chocolate or licorice are good masculine flavors. So is cola for that matter. Don’t pick bubblegum flavored candies, strawberry flavored sweets or other flavors that are more traditionally associated with feminine characteristics when you are making your candy bouquets for a man.

This is not an exact science of making candy bouquets for men because not all men are the same. If you know the man in question’s preferences then go ahead and tailor your candy bar bouquets to his taste. I personally like bubblegum as a flavor. To keep it safe though, chocolate is a clear winner. I would also avoid white chocolate as a rule. I suppose however, that even strawberry flavors can be romantic if that is the theme of your candy bouquets. Dark chocolate and strawberries can actually be a good mix.

The next point to keeping your candy bouquets more masculine concerns the colors. Many candy bars come in black, brown or blue wrappers. This is a safe option rather than startle your man with hot pink candy bar bouquets! Choose a plain white or black soup mug to hold your candy bouquets and stick with basic gender neutral or masculine colors for the actual candies. Clear cellophane is a wise choice as this adds to the shiny and new effect without making your candy bouquets look too festive or over the top.

You could jazz up your candy bar bouquets with a little gold or silver mixed in for some sophistication. You could also go for an all white theme with only a hint of blue or black. If you do this, stick with the basic white soup mug. If you want to add some festivity or atmosphere without being too girly, try sticking a silver or black curly bow around the rim of your soup mug holder.

The third and final step to creating candy bouquets for a man is not to pick a container or holder that is too curvy and shapely. You can purchase suitable soup mugs usually in the supermarket for a couple of dollars. You can find them in basic white or blue and white striped. Curves are fine, but don’t choose something that looks like a vase that you would buy for your Mother. Don’t choose a soup mug for your candy bar bouquets that have a fluted edge. Think clean lines and straight edges! Basic rather than complex shapes are a big winner with most guys.

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Candy Bar Bouquets For Him




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