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Yes you can… with my simple step-by-step instructional videos you can learn how to make candy bouquets, candy centerpieces, and get plenty of great candy buffet ideas. It’s really not that hard.

Are you stuck for ideas on how to create amazing candy centerpieces? Do you know the secrets to putting together a great candy buffet or are you left scratching your head? You have guests coming for the holidays, but your house doesn’t exactly scream festivity. You rush out and buy up the appropriate decorations and food, and after spending a small fortune the house still lacks spirit.

No matter how you arrange things you still feel unsuccessful in creating the atmosphere you want and despite knowing better you still worry what your guests will think.

Candy Bouquets, Candy Buffets & Candy Centerpieces

Scott McKernan - Award winning cake decorator & sugar artist

My videos provide creative ideas along with simple tips and tricks that you can watch to learn how to make candy bouquets, candy centerpieces, and be inspired with great candy buffet ideas. You can sign up to my free monthly/bimonthly newsletter at the top right hand side of the page to receive cool pictures of my candy projects and great tips and lessons, but keep reading to learn more about my Candy Corner and Candy Kitchen packages.

So whether you have the creative streak yourself or you prefer following things step-by-step, either way my tutorials will get you onto the fast track of candy success.

My Story

I have always had a love affair with all things sweet, even as a youngster. I remember my passion Make candy bouquets for any occassion being provoked when I first saw a decorated cake with piped rosettes on top.

At age 16 I learned cake decorating and sugar craft at school and it never stopped. I began an apprenticeship at 17 in a bakery where I learned pastry cooking and other sweet skills, as well as picking up a lot of technical knowledge.

At this stage I hosted a solo exhibition in which I created a life-sized man made from sugar and icing, as well as a 7 teired wedding cake and a whole host of other highly creative projects.

It was from here on in that I began winning awards at both local and State competitons, including the prestigious Royal Melbourne Show. My passion for all things sweet still inspires me to create new projects and learn as much as I can in the world of both pastry cooking and confectionary.

Candy Bouquets, Candy Buffets & Candy Centerpieces


To join in the fun and become a Making Life Sweet member you only need pay the low price of $27.00 in which you receive our Candy Corner package of access to 4 candy bouquet tutorials, 3 candy buffet tutorials, and 3 candy centerpiece tutorials.

You also receive access to our 3 complimentary bonus tutorials, including ‘How to make a gingerbread house’,How to make marzipan mice’ and ‘How to Create a Gateaux Eden’. These 3 bonuses valued at $60 are all yours free when you sign up for a 12 month pass to the Candy Corner or Candy Kitchen.

The 10 tutorials in the Candy Corner package include:

    • Lover’s Heart Candy Centerpieces
    • Halloween Pumpkin Candy Centerpieces
    • Christmas Snowman Candy Centerpieces
    • Girl’s Birthday Candy Buffet Ideas
    • Peach Sorbet Wedding Candy Buffet Ideas
    • White Christmas Candy Buffet Ideas
    • Rainbow Ball Candy Bouquet
    • Chocolate Lily Candy Bouquet
    • Simple Candy Bouquet
    • Girl’s Baby Shower Candy Bouquet

Candy CenterpiecesCandy Buffets

How much would you expect to pay for all this? You could attend a 3 hour night class and pay $90 or more, but I’m offering this entire deal for the value packed sum of $27.00.


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Outside the Square

Great ideas Scott. The videos are easy to follow and I like your outside the square creativity you display with your creations.

Val Mayer


Inexpensive and Simple

Thanks Scott, your girl's pink candy buffet gave me some great ideas for my Daughter's 9th birthday party. I'm surprised at how inexpensive and simple it is to create a beautiful candy buffet. It's easy when you know how.

Leanne Crowe

Callignee, Australia